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TIME: 10.00 - 12.00
VENUE: Hjorths Fabrik, Krystalgade 5, 3700 Rønne
ADMISSION: Free, but reservation necessary.
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TITLE: Reconsidering the past to form a sustainable future
CONTENT: Since the 18th century, the island of Bornholm in Denmark has been a centre of industrial ceramic production due to its rich natural resources, large clay deposits and granite. Even after the natural resources have been exhausted, the legacy of generations of making has a palpable resonance on the island. These post-industrial and heritage sites are now part of the recognizable cultural identity of Bornholm.

Today's contemporary ceramicists stand on the shoulders of ceramic production, and it is important to reconsider past practices to form a sustainable future for ceramics.

This session will begin with a tour of the historic site and living museum of Hjorths Fabrik, one of the best-preserved industrial monuments in Scandinavia, where ceramic production dates back to 1862. Continues with presentations and panel debate.

Aimed at a professional audience

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