European Ceramic Context 2024 forms part of a triennial event for European contemporary glass and ceramics on the island of Bornholm in Denmark
Artwork & Photo: Noemi Niederhauser

Extensive exhibitions, events and tours provide an opportunity to present and discuss the latest trends in contemporary European glass and ceramics, with changing triennial exposure.

The triennials took their beginning in 2006, springing from a vision from the island's leading cultural and educational institutions. Their ambition was to use the rich cultural heritage of making and crafts to create an international platform for exchange, by inviting artists and makers from all over Europe to exhibit, promote and discuss the ceramic disciplines and crafts at the European level.

Today, Bornholm is proud to be an international melting pot for modern crafts. The triennials have become significant events that not only convey the development of the contemporary European ceramic scene into exhibitions and events throughout Bornholm but also serve as an essential platform that connects practitioners, researchers, curators, and intermediaries. In addition, the triennale communicates contemporary glass and ceramics to a broad art-interested audience in a multitude of exhibitions, talks and events.

European Ceramic Context 2024 is jointly organized by The Royal Danish Academy as project lead, in partnership with Bornholms Museum Hjorths Fabrik, Bornholms Center for Crafts Grønbechs Gaard, Makers Island, and Bornholm Art Museum.

European Ceramic Context 2024 is only possible thanks to generous financial support from the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, and many public and private foundations and sponsors.

Bornholm is a beautiful island that covers 587 square kilometres and is surrounded by the Baltic Sea
Photo: Anders Beier

You can reach the island by ferry or aeroplane. There are express coach and train services from central Copenhagen to the main town of Rønne on Bornholm. Coach and train express services also connect to the ferries.

Bornholm is the first region in Europe and the first island community in the world to be honoured with the title of World Craft Region
The Royal Danish Academy

World Crafts Region

Bornholm is a beloved holiday island by many and is visited by thousands of Danish and international tourists. However, Bornholm is also known for its local food production, high gastronomic level, and wealth of makers throughout the Island. The high level among the makers on the crafts scene, who both work with serial productions and contemporary unique objects, gave Bornholm the title of World Crafts Region in 2017. Bornholm is thus the first Island in the world and the first country in Europe to receive this prestigious title from the World Craft Council.

Makers Island Bornholm

Several strong partners and institutions came together to maintain this momentum on the crafts scene. They created Maker's Island as a promising umbrella organization to communicate and manifest Bornholm as a power centre for crafts with international impact.

Bornholm Regional Municipality, Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm, Grønbechs Gård, Bornholm Art Museum, Hjorths Fabrik, The Royal Danish Academy - Crafts in Glass and Ceramics, Business Center Bornholm, Destination Bornholm and Center for Regional and Tourism Research came together and founded Maker's Island.

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