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ECC2014 - Conference Papers and other texts

Gjertrud Steinsvåg - Revolutionary Evolution

Carsten Friberg - Mind the Matter: Reflections on Thinking through Materiality

Joakim Borda-Pedreira - Materiality Matters

Helen Marton - Material Resonance and Site Specificity: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Organizers - Foreword ECC2014 Exhibition Catalogue

Susanne Jøker JohnsenForeword ECC2014 Exhibition Catalogue


Press release in English:

15.9. 2014 - Prizewinners and the jury's Motivation

18.6. 2014


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15.9. 2014 - Prisvindere og juryens motivation på dansk

Prisvindere og hele juryens motivation på engelsk

18.6. 2014

25.3. 2013 


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DR Bornholm P4 - 20.6.2014

TV2 Bornholm - 22.4.2013


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Bornholms Tidende 15.10.2014

Bornholms Tidende 14.9.2014

Bornholms Tidende 14.9.2014

Bornholms Tidende 14.9.2014

Bornholms Tidende - 21.6.2014

Scan Magazine - Issue 56 – September 2013

Bornholms Tidende - 30.9. 2013



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ECC2014 Prizewinners:


Prizewinner Ceramic Art category
Anne Wenzel, NL

“Damaged Goods”, 2013
178 x 84 x 52 cm
Courtesy AKINCI, Amsterdam
Photo: John Stoel


Prizewinner New Talent category
James Rigler, UK
"Ancestor II", 2013 
Press-moulded glazed earthenware, vinyl, steel, oak. 
80 x 70 x 55 cm


Other images for download: 

Koulla Kalvari, CY
“Old Dreams”, 2011
16.5 x 15.5 x 47cm
Glazed Stoneware and fabric, 1190°C
The cloths in this work symbolise accumulated dreams of ours which patiently await to be ‘unfolded’, to be realised, to be lived.
Photo Credit: Michael Demetriou

Peder Rasmussen, DK
“Copy Cats”, 2013
H. 66 cm. Diam. 28 cm.
Paraphrasing Marstrand, Superflex, Rubens, Raphael, Jerichau and Lundstrøm.
Majolica with overglaze colours and wire.
Photo: Dorte Krogh


Torbjørn Kvasbø, NO
“Stack, red”, 2013
H 130 cm x Dia. 110 cm.
Terracotta clay, extruded tube elements roughly modelled together, lead bisilicate-based glaze thickly applied, running glaze with red stain, kiln shelf, electric kiln.
Photo: Jørn Hagen

Pauliina Pöllänen, NO
”Disappear Inside”, 2012
41 x 35 x 24 cm
Clay and books. I wanted to explore the ownership of objects; I packed up my library in clay, objects that I own and have used to find information and inspiration. This is an approach how to apply literal references in a hands-on way. It also deals with my personal artist history.
Photo: Luca Andreotti

Eneida Tavares, PT
16 x 24 x 24 cm.
Earthenware, pine needles and raffia. Slipcast and spiral coiling basketry
Photo credit: Eneida Tavares

Amy Hughes, UK
43 x 22 cm,
Hand built lidded porcelain vase, splash glazed, decals and 22 carat gold lustre.
Photo: the artist


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