ECC2018 Exhibitions

ECC2018 Exhibitions

ECC2018 – Curated

This exhibition will be exhibited at Bornholm Art Museum and is curated by a group of 6 members. The curators will nominate artists for participation from their region, the whole curator group will make the final selection.

A minimum of 1, and a maximum of 2 artists from each of the 31 European countries will be accepted and be represented with 1- 2 principal pieces of work.

See the full list of participants in ECC2018 Curated here


ECC2018 – Open Call

Will be exhibited at Grønbechs Gaard and will be curated by open call, where individual curators, artist groups or artists can apply for participation. With this approach, we hope to include collaborative works, experimentalism, activism etc. The curator group will select works and projects for participation among the applicants.

See the full list of participants in ECC2018 Open Call here


European Ceramic Context 2018 - PRIZE WINNERS and motivation:

The 2ndprize of 5000 Euros is awarded to Sam Bakewell from United Kingdom for “Of Beauty Reminiscing”.

Immediately striking is the extreme precision of the crafting and controlled tonal quality of the two elements that push the material towards technical perfection. The miniature scale of the “amulet” triggers intensity of looking and curiosity in the viewer to imaginatively contemplate its mysterious interior. 

The transcendental resonance of this talismanic form is further heightened by its placement on a square base, a platonic ideal form, the surface of which is so delicately muted and smooth. The combination of elements functions as a miniaturized cosmic model.

The contemplation of transcendental values that Sam Bakewell’s works allows and encourages is also to be observed in the 1stprize recipient.

The 1stprize of 10.000 Euros is awarded to Erna Skuladottir for her work “Still Waters”.

Erna looks at material in its most basic state, drawing on local clays, and through that, acknowledging the specificity of raw clays and terrains in different parts of the world.

The sense of her process is immediately evident in a piece that has been crafted and installed in situ, for the duration of the exhibition. She communicates a very direct handling of the material, and through a process of controlled selection, she has built up a composition on multiple sheets that creates an almost aerial perspective on processes of change within the larger landscape.

Close up one becomes aware of the long term processes of sedimentation and the wear of rock into clay and, simultaneously, the frailty and imminent collapse of the materials and the artwork itself; we are looking at different tempos of material transformation.


Exhibition at Bornholm Art Museum ECC2014

EGC2016 Exhibitions – general information

Two exhibitions will be organized by ECC2018 at Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gaard.

Artwork can be made in any technique and form of artistic expression. The materials used in the artwork must be predominantly ceramics. Objects must be unique and not part of serial or industrial production. Artwork must be available throughout the full exhibition period. Artwork must be contemporary and made in 2014 or later, work produced before this time will not be accepted.


Who can participate in the ECC2018 exhibitions?

All 28 members of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are invited to participate in the ECC2018 exhibitions. Artists must be of the nationality or be a resident in the country they represent. Artists that took part in the ECC2014, may not participate in the same exhibition category in ECC2018.


The ECC2018 Prizes and Jury

Two prizes of € 10.000 € and € 5000 will be given to two outstanding artists or artists groups, selected among the participants in the two exhibitions. A jury of three international members with expertise within the field of ceramics will go through the exhibitions before the opening and select the prize winners. The winners will be announced at the exhibition opening. 


The Jury members are:

Martin Bodilsen Kaldahl, Copenhagen Ceramics, Denmark

Juliet Kinchin, Curator of Architecture and Design, MoMA, NYC, USA

Lars Kærulf Møller DK, Museum director, Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark


Exhibition catalogue

An exhibition catalogue will be produced presenting all artists with images of their work, critical notes and a short CV, as well as essays on contemporary ceramics.


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