Exhibition - Intersections

Exhibition - Intersections



In the small gallery space of Det Brune Værksted (The Brown Studio) in Nexø, the exhibition INTERSECTIONS will take place during the ECC2018.

In spite of originating from the same mineral composition, with only the melting point as the essential difference, ceramics and glass have been detached in both tradition and context for centuries.

Challenging the core qualities of the materials glass, glaze and clay, six contemporary artists will present their material knowledge through experimental work, that converge and relate to the meetings, deviations and tensions between the materials.


Participating artists:

Charlotte ThorupPetra DalströmMorten KlitgaardBjørn KauffeldtMaj-Britt Zelmer Olsen and Sarah Oakman



Artwork Morten Klitgaard - Photo Dorte Krog

Venue: Det Brune Værksted, Grønnegade 5, 3730 Nexø

Exhibition opening: Friday Sep. 14th. 2018

Time: 20.00 

Its free - just come along!


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