European Ceramic Context 2014

Ritual Items, Green Set, 2010

Maciej Kasperski

Artist Statement: 

I am interested in the mutual relations between form and function of an object. It is connected with my belief in an exceptional aesthetic value of every-day items. Functionality comes for me as a starting point for analysing an aesthetic form.

I aspire to make art understandable, if not on the level of rational or intelectual analysis, then at least on the level of feelings, senses or aesthetic pleasure.

In my works I strive for maximum ‘pure’, simplified solids, free from any single useless detail. At the same time the simplicity is not my aim just like this. It comes as an effect of searching an appropriate shape, resulting from the aestheic analysis.

No matter to what extend my works are abstract, the functionality aspect is always present there. In some cases it is clearer (as in non-functional forms), in others it focuses on some concepts, some ideas connected with functionality.

Ritual Items, Green Set, 2010
Ritual Items, Graphite, 2010

1991-1996 Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław, PL

Public collections: 

National Museum in Wrocław, PL
Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec, PL
Museum of Academy of FIne Art and Design in Wrocław, PL

Image info: 

Ritual Items, Green Set, 2010
28 elements, porcelaine, porcelain coloured in mass, slip casting.
200 x 50 cm
Photo: Maciej Kasperski

Ritual Items, Graphite, 2010
3 elements, stoneware, glaze, slip casting.
43 cm
Photo: Maciej Kasperski

In many cases a ritual connected with the item is responsible for the “appreciation” of a certain thing. It starts from objects used in religious or festive ceremonies and ends with every-day activities that we ourselves assign a special meaning.