European Ceramic Context 2014

Artist in Residence

European Ceramic Context 2014 are organizing a series of Artist Residences in cooperation with partners on Bornholm and the rest of Denmark. 

Application period is ended, we do no longer accept applications. 

Selected artists will be given the time and space to develop a new project or body of work in ceramics. The residency provides four - six weeks access to studio facilities and basic materials. The residencies are offered to professional ceramic artists, who are expected to be proficient in the processes and techniques discussed in their residency application.
The period of the residency is granted to the named resident only, partners and other makers are not allowed to work in the studios during this time. 

During the period of the residency it is incumbent on the resident to communicate, aid and assist his or her fellow resident in an open and friendly manner. This interaction and exchange is seen as being one of the benefits and challenges of the residence period. 

Chosen residents must be prepared to make a public talk about their work and artistic career.

Residencies are offered at The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design Bornholm, Svanekegaarden, Bright Park Bornholm and Engelsholm Højskole.


Two residencies at Svanekegaarden
Brian Molanphy, USA    
Timi Lantos, HU                                              

Two residencies at Bright Park Bornholm
Alice Walton, UK       
Pauliina Pöllänen, NO

Two residencies at KADK Bornholm
Andrew Deem, UK 
Laura Garbers, DE

Engelsholm Højskole
Ben Stout, USA                          
Zoe Clare, UK                             


Application period is ended, we do no longer accept applications.