European Ceramic Context 2014

John Gibson

Simon Koefoed Ceramics

Venue: Simon Koefoed Ceramics

Dates: Sep 11th - 20th 2014 

Opening: Sep. 14th. 18.00 – 21.00 

Visiting hours: 11-14 September 10.00 to 16.00 / Sep. 15th-20th by appointment only

Address: Klemenskervej 18, 3760 Gudhjem, Phone: +45 30247787

Free entrance  



Simon Lund Koefoed and John Gibson will be showing new unique works at Simon Koefoed Ceramics gallery in the middle of Rø village.

John Gibson will be showing Dark figurative ceramics inspired by creation mythologies and life instructional fables. 

Simon Lund Koefoed will be showing thin translucent porcelain vessels where light interacts with the forms creating further dimensions.