Gudhjem Museum

Gudhjem Museum

Venue: Gudhjem Museum

Dates: Sep 12th 2014 

Time: 19.00 

Free entrance - at the day of the opening

10 local ceramisists

In connection with »10 local ceramisists and the permanent collection« in Hjorths Fabrik in Rønne, where the artists works are inspired from and shown together with personal selected historical works from the permanent collection, the same 10 ceramisists in Gudhjem Museum show, what they more normaly are doing with.

Gudhjem Museum is a private institution, founded in 1969 to mark the significant influence of the village in danish fine arts – mainly trough wellknown painters – from about 1910 - 1970.

Also in danish ceramic history Gudhjem has an important role, when the dougthers from Hjorths Fabrik – Lisbeth Munch Petersen and Gertrud Vasegaard – in 1933 founded the first individuel caramic studio outside the factories in Denmark, which about twenty years later got so many followers.

Names of the artists: 

Hans Munk Andersen
Gerd Hiorth Petersen
Kumiko Asti

Eva Brandt

Lenny Goldenberg

Heidi Henze

Marie Hjorth
Pernille Stougaard

Julie Høm

Charlotte Thorup


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