European Ceramic Context 2014

Galleri Klejn

Venue: Galleri Klejn, Storegade 1, Allinge

Dates: Sep 13th 2014 

Time: 12.30

Regular visiting hours: 13.00 – 18.00, monday closed 

Free entrance 


Shaping Fluid
- by Christina Schou Christensen

Experiments with glaze and clay at different stages in the process of making ceramics, inspires me. In the wet, dry and muddy stages the materials are very delicate, vulgar, edible, soft etc. These stages are expressions I wish to freeze and keep in the final pieces. 
By setting up experiments I sometimes discover new fantastic qualities and at other times I get very disappointed. I might refire or reglaze the pieces. New disasters happens, but they might be showing me new ways of thinking and I have to forget my first intentions with the pieces. 

So disasters can turn into gold – turn into a whole new track to follow. The materials guide me.