European Ceramic Context 2014

Baltic Woodfired 2014

An Ode to Tradition and a Tribut to clay
The people behind Baltic Woodfired 2014 has desided to organize a series of events in conjunction with ECC2014. We are excited to include their activities in our program for adjoining events. 

Friday Sep. 12th

12.30 - 15.30 / Demo & Artist talk - Phil Rogers and Shamai Sam Gibbs  
Venue: Bornholms Højskole
Free entrance 

Phil Rogers and Shamai Sam Gibsh will be visiting the island of Bornholm for ECC2014. The two artists will talk about their work and influences, in addition to a workshop at Bornholms Højskole.  

Shamai Sam Gibsh will give a lecture on his work methods under the headline of ”New Work, An ancient technique.” Shamai makes Terra Sigillata from clay he collects around the world, using this palate of multiple colours to draw geometric designs as well as local landscape scenes on his thrown and sculptural work. Multiple oxidation firing and a reduction smoke firing achieve the desired results. 

Phil Rogers, the internationally renowned British potter, will be demonstrating on the potters wheel while explaining about his unique way as a potter today. Phil made salt glaze for 16 years but now relies upon a two chambered wood fired kiln and an old and trusted oil fired kiln for reduced stoneware. He uses local minerals and wood ash for his glazes. Phil has pots in more than 50 museums worldwide and has travelled extensively having exhibitions and giving demonstrations, lectures and workshops. Phil is a popular author on ceramics.


Saturday Sep. 13th

11.00 / Baltic Woodfired 2014 - An Ode to Tradition and a Tribut to clay
 Hjorths Fabrik - Bornholm Ceramic Museum 
Free entrance 

Welsh potter and woodfirer Phil Rogers, korean/welsh potter Ha Jeong Lee, korean potters Kim Dae Woong and Kim Jong PilIsraeli/American cramic artist Shamai Sam Gibsh, Elena Renker from New Zealand and local Bornholm woodfirers Anne Mette Hjortshøj, Ann-Charlotte Ohlsson, Helene Schjødts, Hanne Stange - will meet craftmen from the historic Bornholm ceramic factory, Hjorths Fabrik Ejnar Paulsen in shared interest.